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Keeping Kids Creative: Summer Book Club

With the last day of formal schooling racing toward us, the question of how to entertain the kids and keep them learning arises.

I have a few ideas for activities in my category named “Keeping Kids Creative”.

My mother had a great idea inspired by our own book club meetings. Why not start a Kids Book Club?

There are so many ways a gathering of similar aged kids could be successful.

A few ideas:

  • Offer prizes to those who participate and make the gathering a party-like atmosphere.
  • Have kids write their own stories to share from photo or word prompts. Compile the entries in a homemade book for them to keep.
  • Ask kids to bring and share their favorite books.
  • Offer a book topic, have the kids find a book that reflects the topic, then have a read-a-thon.
  • Give kids a camera and have them print out a photo journal of their vacation trip or a topic of interest. (Walmart prints photo books rather cheaply…check out their photo gift page.)
  • Have a letter writing campaign. Maybe to long-lost relatives or to a children’s book author.
  • Make t-shirts and name your club. Possibly follow one or two specific authors. Contacting that author may be a great idea too. They just might enjoy reaching out to your club.

I’m sure with this germ of an idea, creative parents can come up with others. Consider the cost of the pizza party or photo books, an investment, rather than a burden. When you compare what you spend on day camps, video games and gas running them to other activities, it isn’t much.

Remember parents, grandparents, great-grandparents and mentors: You are the most influential  teachers that your kids will ever have.

Just a thought…have a great summer people!

Any other ideas would be appreciated in my comments. 🙂


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

10 thoughts on “Keeping Kids Creative: Summer Book Club

  1. Some good ideas-Susan. With so many parents working outside the home I wonder how many kids will have the guidance of your ideas. This is a good idea for day care,grandparents,as well as other family . The intergenerational aspect of family book clubs is so valuable for all concerned. Grandparents see that young people think deeply about ideas and young people see that grandparents may “have been there -done that” and have marvelous stories and ideas to share.

  2. Thanks so much Susan. We’re visiting the Florida grandguys in a week, and I’ll have them decorate tee shirts for their 5 cousins in Washington.
    If you iron freezer paper onto the inside of the tee shirt, it makes it easier to write on. Then peel it off when it’s done.

  3. Our local library does a summer reading program. At the beginning of summer, kids can pick up a log to record what they are reading, and if they read a set number of books, they earn prizes. Some local vendors have pitched in on the prizes, so among other things a kid might win an ice cream cone donated by a local ice cream place.

    The library also has sessions where an adult reads children’s books to gatherings of youngsters.

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