Kids are people too!

Katherine (age 6) was bewildered and frightened when asked not to get on her bus,as usual, yesterday. My daughter called her school and told them that Kat’s dad was going to pick her up for a change. Ellen specifically asked them to inform Katherine that her Daddy was coming.

The school office called Kat’s classroom and told her teacher to send Kat to the “walkers” exit. She was not to get on the bus. NO ONE TOLD KAT WHY. She was whimpering to herself until she saw her Dad. The change of plans without an explanation had her bewildered. THAT makes me angry!

It reminded me of my own experience the day President Kennedy was shot. I was just a little older than Katherine when I saw teachers congregating in our school hallway. They were crying. A voice came over the school intercom saying that we were all to go home immediately. This was almost an hour before ordinary dismissal. I ran home with my heart pounding and my eyes filled with tears. WHAT could be going on?

We had been schooled in the threat of nuclear attacks during the sixties and you can only imagine the possible scenarios that filled my head!

This is a post with a big message attached. Kids are people too! They are not mindless amoebas that litter a room. Tell them what’s going on you arrogant educators!

Whew…I feel better now. Have a nice day. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Kids are people too!

  1. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    An explanation would’ve been so simple.
    And what kid can forget how scary it was to see their teacher bent over her desk crying the day the president was shot?

    1. I called the school and kindly explained how their oversight made Kat afraid. I hope that helps keep another kid from the same fate. I’m sure that the school made a note to be more careful. Guess it struck a nerve and opened an old wound. 🙂

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  3. You make a really good point. When I was younger I always thought it was unfair that adults seemed to be allowed to be rude by interrupting kids conversations but kids weren’t allowed to reciprocate. I made a point when I grew up of treating my conversations with kids as equally important as the ones with adults to the point of asking an adult to wait a minute until I had finished talking to the child before talking to me. Some were really put out by this! Remarkable!

  4. I’ve always felt I respected my little girl more by telling her what is going on. Kids can digest a lot more than you expect. What they certainly doesn’t make them feel safe are secrets. Not that I tell all…no. But age-wise you can tell a lot and that makes a child, tween or teen not only feel respected, also trusted and cared for.

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