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Friday Photos~Once a pond a time…

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I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

10 thoughts on “Friday Photos~Once a pond a time…

  1. What a lovely photo’s. Kids who grow up in nature and are exposed to the beauty of nature will later in life take care of nature. You are doing a good job exposing your sweetie to the wonders around a pond.

  2. adorable child, and that frog looking straight up….awesome. I need to learn how to put photos in a slide show like that. Awesome. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Sam

    1. Thank-you new friend. In order to post photos into a slideshow, pull up a new post. Go from there and upload photos into media. Instead of clicking “insert into post” look below it and click “save all changes . Then add more doing the same. The count in your gallery will rise. Once you have the ones that you want, after you click “save all changes” there is an option to insert slide show. Insert the slide show and save draft. Then preview your post. To add more directly into the slideshow, just go to media from your draft and add more and accepting “save all changes”…they will go directly into the slideshow. Each time that you want to preview your slideshow, save draft first, then hit preview post. Sounds harder than it is….hope this helps. 😉

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