Kid Terms Explained by an Expert

  • flosstration– when the floss you’re using gets stuck between your teeth.
  • accountabilly– when Billy gets into trouble.
  • pointment at the doctor’s”-there will be shots involved.
  • “mom’s running late”- she’d get here faster if her car would start.
  • “I dind dent do it.”-oh yeah, they dind.
  • “I’m free years old.”- any takers? Mom’s okay with it.
  • “on porpoise” – must live near an aquarium.
  • “Pretty peas?”-never intended as a request for more vegetables.
  • after later-way more than later!
  • “Happened the udder day“- if you live on a farm, that’s everyday.
  • MINE!-everything, except coal ,belongs to me.
  • “I’m firsty.“-Offer them a drink and ask them,”Who wants to be secondy, any way?”
  • “I’ll do it in-a-minute“- Do it yourself. (When Mom says it, it means find some thing else to do.)


4 thoughts on “Kid Terms Explained by an Expert

  1. Didn’t you forget ‘Again!’ after reading that favourite children’s book for the umpteenth time?
    I’ve enjoyed your post and read it to my husband and daughter and we had fun with our child-talk memories.

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