The Game of Favorites

I just don’t like the word favorite. It is an exclusive term that means nothing to me. My favorite things are harder to pin down than an accurate weather forecast.

There are too many wonderful feelings, colors, people, and ideas to play favorites. Gosh, I enjoy the rummaging that takes place when I’m ask about my favorite. The flashes from one delightful image to another, makes me smile, but I never was good at decision-making and really don’t care to choose.

Favorite choosing is a waste of time and subject to time also. At any given moment your favorite can easily be “up for grabs”, don’t you think?

I dearly love my dog. He is one of many “dog loves” of my life. To say he is my all-time favorite diminishes the love I’ve had for others and the love I hope to have for others too.

I will be blessed with a new granddaughter in September. It’s hard for me to image any grandchild as precious as Katherine, yet I know there is room for more. Evelyn will be my favorite Evelyn. That is all I can proclaim. She may be Katherine’s favorite sister if her mom’s design of her being the “final” child holds true. Only exclusive things can really, truly, hold the title of favorite and, in my world and yours, so few life experiences are exclusive enough to qualify.

Next time someone asks for your favorite, hold up your hand and say, “There’s no such thing.”

Doesn’t this all sound picky?

I think labeling favorites is the more picky endeavor. Count me out, please.

13 thoughts on “The Game of Favorites

  1. hmmmm… no favorites… seems to me that’s kinda like ridin the fence. I take it you don’t vote?? hahaha just kidding! But surely you can’t expect this movement to take root. Cherries are my favorite fruit! No further discussion needed. Sunshine and rain… it’s a tie. And there’s lots of things that are definitely non-favorites, but even some of them are better than a sharp stick in the eye. Juss sayin.
    I’m thinkin more along the theory of two lists. 1. Favorites, which includes just about everything and everyone; and, 2. Not So Much, which includes the sharp stick, hot poker, tornadoes, etc.
    Have a great day, Susan!

    1. Oh yes, I am a voter Charles…you know better. As a voter yourself, it is probably a familiar task to pick the lesser of evils more often than a favorite. I’d always rather have better as a label than best…too hard to stay on top ya know!

  2. When my daughter was little, she often asked me what my favorite likes were, and compared them to hers. I think she was learning that people are different and can like different things.

  3. Teresa Cleveland Wendel

    You have too many interesting interests and people and animals in your life to choose favorites.
    The photo is magnificent. You have a gift.

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