Mo Williams’ Pigeon Books

Katherine’s (age 6) favorite new book is one from a series of delightfully entertaining and easy to read children’s books. Kat is familiar with this series with some of them already in her own library.

The author/ illustrator combines humor and dialog very well. Katherine reads these books entirely by herself and enjoys making the characters real with her newly learned ability to interpret punctuation.

Pigeon gets very annoyed when he thinks a duckling got preferred treatment. He shouts and rants about wanting his own cookie until the duckling offers it to him instead.

My granddaughter read this story out loud to me a dozen times. She enjoyed adding the exasperated tone that Pigeon uses. Listening to the story as she brought it to life, made me chuckle on every reading. Katherine enjoyed my reaction and therefore, read it many times.

If you want a recommended gift for beginning readers, this series is a winner. “Don’t Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus” is one of Mo Williams‘ most famous stories but the series is all good and worth owning.

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