Mean Girls #2

I am constantly amazed that people can be so cruel. Tell your kids , over and over, that those who bully ARE the ones with a problem!

Karmic Diva

Sunday wasn’t a typical day on the forums. A young woman dealing with HIV and drug addiction posted a disturbing message.  She claimed she was going to kill herself with a bottle of Xanax and vodka.  Her post went into detail about her desperation for acceptance and support from her family, who has turned their back on her.

She also posted about a woman on the site who has been bullying her in the forums and how hopeless she felt because of it.  She was coming to the site for friendship and emotional support and was met with humiliation and degradation more than once.

Fortunately one of her friends on the site had her phone number and contacted the local police in her town. The police found her address and they responded. She was found in time before she hurt herself. I have no doubt she was in an emotional…

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5 thoughts on “Mean Girls #2

  1. I read about a lady in Germany, an athlete, who had been stalked for a while online, and decided to shame her aggressor by publishing his details for all the world. I’m sure it worked. But she shouldn’t have had to do it in the first place.

    I’m not sure why people think the internet is some strange place where the normal rules don’t apply … but a quick glance at the comments section on any newspaper shows that they do. 😦

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