Many of those buzzing insects that keep you on edge are not bees. They are some of the many nature-made copycats. Animals and insects alike, have wonderful imposters. Hoverflies are often mistaken for bees. There are many varieties found world wide. These clever flies have mimicked the appearance of bees to ward off predators.

These insects are quite harmless to people, unless those people trip and fall while ducking and running from what they believe is a bee. 🙂

Many varieties have larvae who feed on aphids. Aphids are responsible for tens of millions of dollars in crop damage each year.

A hoverfly’s value as a pollinator is equal to bees as well. Another name for these beauties is syrphid flies. They feed on nectar and pollen while they hover around flowers.

For quick identification, wasps and bees have two pairs of wings. Hoverflies have only one. After you have looked closely, the differences will be easier to spot.

The next time you consider swatting at a bee, take a closer look. Wouldn’t want to be fooled by Mother Nature , would you?

I’ll be showcasing a large variety of imposters in this series so stay tuned!

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