Warning…a political opinion from the right!

Cover of "Numbers (Match-the-Flaps)"
Cover of Numbers (Match-the-Flaps)

I dislike numbers…sorry, I just do.

First, there isn’t a poll worth a darn. They are too variable in the way the questions are asked, where and when, as well.

If you agree with the poll, it is a good one.

If the poll is contrary to your belief, well, what do they know?

Another thing, numbers lie. Yup, they do. Darn them!

Go to a bank and ask for a mortgage. Give them your numbers…get the mortgage. Oops…you Can afford the house BUT no birthdays,anniversaries,take-out food,Christmas, auto repairs etc. What the heck?

Numbers can be manipulated more than bleeding heart liberals. You can do the math but why doesn’t it work. Yes, love is NOT the answer to all things either.

Sounds great…who could be FOR war, FOR debt, FOR being poor?

So, why don’t we just all be poor so no one who IS feels left out?

Well folks. That’s where we are headed. I am in political mode today so if you’ve tuned out…I understand.

If you are still listening?

You either agree with me or you are really insulted and want to add another hatefully “paraphrased” rant of the right, just to keep your juices flowing. After all, if you didn’t think the “right” was so evil, you’d have nothing to do but look at the problem?

Ain’t I a stinker?

I just want to know from anyone, how does one continue forever(or happily ever-after), when they spend more than they take-in?

Simple question.

If you answered, they cannot go on forever. What will the eventual outcome be?

Just asking?

Maybe if we spend more money (we don’t have) , we can put off the ugly truth awhile?

Yes, you just may…

OK kids, this is tough. If everyone is poor and the government shares the wealth, what is that called in the encyclopedia?

Fairness? No.

Brotherhood? No.

Can you say Socialism boys and girls?

Ha! Wish it was that simple to explain…our kids will know it all too well one day.

Wish they could see this headline. “Bad ole conservatives tried to ruin your day so we liberals ruined your future.”

I’m spending the weekend in the woods. At least, my head won’t be in the sand…

13 thoughts on “Warning…a political opinion from the right!

      1. I’m assuming you meant courageous and irrelevant? No wait, the first one was right… no… wait a minute… oh shoot… now I’m not even sure what I am

      2. Ever heard of Mark Gungor ?…think you’d enjoy him…find him on youtube…look up his sermons about the 4 types of people. Have a great weekend.

  1. I think you are confusing communism and socialism. Also, you are equating any government service that one might propose that disproportionately benefits one class at the expense of another, Socialism. By that logic just about any government service is socialist by nature. All governments provide some degree of social services where some benefit more than others. A government with no socialism is not a government. Are you an Anarchist? The Internet you are posting on, the electricity powering your computer, the police department that protects your property rights are all socialist contrivances.

    1. Great and thoughtful points…communism would have been a better word.
      Social contrivances are necessary. Tax payers pay for them.50% of Americans pay no income taxes although they pay the same sales taxes…wait, aren’t they paying sales taxes with their welfare checks that come from income taxes?
      I know I sound hard-hearted but ,gosh, I know more people who are on disability and welfare each day who don’t hurt physically, as much as I do! It wears me out to work sometimes and I’m mad at a system that doesn’t really seem to care how much fraud there is. ( Forgive me, but I think the liberal leaning folks are not vigilant in favor of keeping a dependant, cared for, base of voters.)Thanks for your comment.

      1. You make a false assumption that just because people pay no federal income taxes they must all be on welfare. I worked 3 jobs to put myself through school and never collected a cent of welfare or food stamps. Although in retrospect I might not still be paying on student loans if I had. In any event, I paid all sorts of taxes for state, social security, Medicaid, Medicare, unemployment and workers comp i think? Not to mention state, sales, local taxes and fees for various things. The 50 % of people pay no taxes is an insulting oversimplification. The characterization that just because you don’t make enough to pay federal taxes is pretty insulting to a lot of people like me. I pay plenty now, but i was on the other side too. People use socialism, like curse word, not understanding it, but like they use liberal. Perhaps if people tried to discuss things civilly without resorting to such tactics we could find real solutions and not consider our American brothers with different world views, out mortal enemies?

      2. I hear you…no not all are on welfare…arguing over numbers, again, is defusing the question, How does anyone think we will be able to pay a debt such as ours? (I really don’t care who caused it and don’t care that rich people exist either.) If socialism is now a curse word so is Big Business, in some arenas.I fault both sides for playing with words and numbers.Wish we could agree but I’m confident that we all care.

      3. By the way. Thanks for responding civilly and posting my comments. Most people i contradict or offer another insight curse me and refuse to post me. 🙂

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