Another Award…I’m Very Flattered.

Thank-you for this award Teresa Cleveland Wendel( author of as well as a new book on Amazon:)

I would, in turn, like to share my fortune with a few bloggers who brighten my day with their wonderful comments.

The Sunshine Award goes to the following:…Paula …Eric

All three have excellent and entertaining blogs!

Now I am required to answer a few questions about myself. There were no questions with this award so I’ll ask myself a few.

1.How many siblings do you have?

Two…a younger brother and a younger sister.

2. What is your favorite food?

Porterhouse steak cooked on the grill…extra rare.

3. What profession might you have enjoyed other than what you do?

Sometimes I think a movie special effects artist would have been fun but I think I would have made a great naturalist/writer/photographer. I would have enjoyed field work. I could be happy alone with nature.


Hope everyone checks out the blogs recommended on this post! Happy Springtime!

4 thoughts on “Another Award…I’m Very Flattered.

    1. I’ve never been too sure myself…click and save the image… add the image to a new post…thank the person who awarded it and nominate a few others to give it to. Then let the people who you have nominated know that you have. Answer a few questions with it (about yourself) and post on your blog. You are welcome!

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