Why the fuss?

മലയാളം: ചീലന്തി - എട്ടുകാലി
മലയാളം: ചീലന്തി – എട്ടുകാലി (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

There’s a spider in my bathroom.

I named her Geraldine.

She dangles in the corner

And watches me get clean.

As long as I can see her.

She really means no harm.

The only way she’d creep me out,

Is if she touched my arm.

My parents aren’t as patient.

They sweep her with the broom.

Seems like a lot of nonsense.

She takes so little room.

Grandma says I’m bigger.

Spiders don’t eat us.

So why is Daddy screaming,

And making such a fuss?


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