Sound of 1956~ Happy Birthday to me!

A prompt on the National Poetry Writing page made me look up songs from the time that I was born. I couldn’t find my poetic voice but wanted to share a song recorded days after I was born. April 11th, 1956 was my day and Chuck Berry was the sound!

R&B is my favorite genre to this day!

So this is why I’m always “against the grain” with normalcy, I’m sure. 🙂

7 thoughts on “Sound of 1956~ Happy Birthday to me!

  1. Just wanted to remind you I looove your blog And let you know I nominated you for the “inspiring blogger award” check out my blog for the details! :]
    Happy Birthday!

  2. Those songs of 1956 were the songs that were playing in the year I was married and when I conceived you and you were a babe!
    Therefore they would inspire ME!!!

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