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Random Word Story #12~ Too little…Too late

Panic attack

random words generated at

I plan to add an extra word to each exercise. This time I have six.

trap…stock market…backpack…fireman…ticket…wood

Here’s my story:

“You need a vacation.”

Those words echoed in her brain until she could not ignore them anymore. Gillian decided to take her boss’ advice and called into work Sunday evening. She put in for one week off.  It bothered her tremendously, though. Six years had passed since her last vacation and her office was a finely tuned machine, you know?

She packed until 3:00 am then jumped behind the wheel of the Subaru Outback, that she had rented the day before,  and set out for an unknown destination. She felt inspired and free behind the wheel. Had it been a whole year since she had driven? It felt like the first time. She even held the steering wheel at 10:00 and 2:00 o’clock like a beginner.

“Relax lady, the world and the stock market will go on in spite of you. You need a break.”

Again her boss’ words gave her the permission she needed to shake things up. She summed up her recent “break down” as intense. She was a proverbial hamster on a wheel in a trap of her own making. It was up to her alone to break free and live. She scarfed down her meds and managed to continue.

As she took the ticket and entered the “on ramp” to the interstate. Her chest tightened. It was happening again! Her vision became spotted and she briefly let go of the wheel to rub her eyes.

When she opened them, a fireman was before her with a mask on. He was carrying a backpack of oxygen and waving his arms. Black smoke was rising from the Subaru which was 100 yards down the ramp laying on its side and she was sitting upon a pile of wood. Wooden planks were everywhere! To her right, was a tractor-trailer truck with only a few boards remaining in its cargo bay. It was leaning against a telephone pole at an odd angle in a limbo, off-balance and nearly empty.

At the hospital, Gillian was treated and released.Lucky as she was, she felt helpless and weak. The sight of the truck kept flashing in her mind.

“Off balance and nearly empty.” Gillian repeated this to herself  50 times as she went home. She needed to call the office right away.

Her voice sounded oddly disconnected from her body when she resigned over the phone. She desperately hoped it was not too late for her…


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

2 thoughts on “Random Word Story #12~ Too little…Too late

  1. Now you have practiced-
    It may be time to “fly” with a storyline of yours. Keep writing. Possibly about a little girl on her grandmother’s farm…… maybe?

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