22 thoughts on “The Friendly Spider

  1. I love that line: “and winked behind pink shades” how cute! Sweet photo….very endearing.
    If I came across a spider with pink shades that looked adorable I’d let her go too~

    1. Ahhh…spiders love bathrooms. I have a children’s story/poem idea for the bathroom spider. I needed to name them so my granddaughter would use the bathroom. πŸ™‚

  2. How cute this poem. I think it is important to show our kids we need to be respectful to insects too.
    Spiders in our house are caught and put outside with a friendly but urgent request to stay out of the house. ‘You have the whole garden for hiding and playing, okay?’.


  3. Cute poem. Once, a long time ago in a distant galaxy, I was called Spiderman because I often took a tarantula named Rosie to school with me. She needed several pairs of glasses to cover her several pairs of eyes. Pink would have worked well.

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