Writing Challenge: Plots

An exercise in Plot development offered by: http://chrisdonnermysterywriter.wordpress.com/2012/03/25/writing-challenge-plots/

Imagine the person and what could possibly be happening. Stretch your writer’s imagination a bit. Your turn.

Pat always knew this day would come.

1)He was going to have to decide. The stay-at-home Dad was offered a lucrative position in movie special effects. A chance of a lifetime. His art major was finally going to pay off. When he looked at the twins, his heart pulled him in their direction. Leaving them in someone’s care was an unbearable thought. He’d have to find a way to use his skill to earn money from home.

2) She had traveled the world and found herself right back where she started. In Vermont and all alone. The worst part was she liked it. Searching for her self was all a game, an expensive one. She’d always known who she was and what she wanted. It was so very clear now that she was 40. The next step, trading in her Jaguar for a 4-wheel drive pick-up.

3)Her mother was failing fast. The world was about to change forever and she wasn’t ready yet. She was only 17. This wasn’t supposed to happen to kids. She always imagined her mom being there when she got married and had a baby . Who would she call at 2:00 am when her headaches became too unbearable to breathe. She never had to say a word, just dial and ring three times and Mom would be there in under 10 minutes. What was she going to do without her.

Thanks for playing!

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