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Random Word Story 7~ Never Alone

Random words generated by

revenge…stretcher…definition…dragon…bus station

Here’s my story:

I was in the overcrowded bus station. It was there, that I realized, being in a crowd of strangers was the true definition of loneliness. No one really cares…no one wants to understand…life was a highway and everyone was traveling along, way above, the speed limit. Even while standing still, the energy was overwhelming. Moses appeared beside me. I was happy to see him but said nothing. He wasn’t a talker.

I’d known Moses since I could remember. He had a special way of showing up when I needed him. He was wearing his kimono with the fluorescent green dragon on the back. He just bowed and the crowd separated. Ha! The parting of the Red Sea. I was following my Moses to the promised land.

My cane and I inched forward until I felt the cool surface of an empty counter. I’d had an onion bagel for breakfast and enacted my revenge on the unconcerned clerk with my breath. I accentuated every “H” in my sentence.

“Hey there! Have you time to help my friend and me? Heaven knows he’s a needy fellow.”

“What the hell ails you mister? Your breath reeks and I see only a crazy old man…YOU!”

Ah…the sighted never truly see. Moses took me by the arm and led me away from the bad energy emitted by the ignorant clerk. I could feel him, but now, he seemed to become part of the crowd. The last remnant of him was the green dragon. There was a bright light consuming my companion. I had not seen such light since the flash of the fire that had taken my sight away as a child. There was an explosion then, but now, a warmth wrapped me tight and I was floating. My cane fell away from me as I beheld the most beautiful green valley…

The sirens overpowered the crowd which became momentarily silent as the stretcher passed carrying an anonymous blind man’s body to the city morgue.

The loud-speaker barked:

” Bus 2012, leaving in two minutes people… move it along!”


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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