Random Word Story 5- It’s Final

Words generated at http://www.creativitygames.net/.

park…bank…fairy tale…microbe…aerial

Here is my story:

Today, my fate would be decided. The arduous micro-biology class would be over by noon. The only , well first, time I’d found myself overwhelmed and I wasn’t liking that feeling. Schooling had always been easy for me. My mind not only contained endless questions but quite a collection of, now useless, answers too.

Dr. Grimm had been a surprisingly entertaining professor but his class was no fairy tale. His name was comically deceiving for sure. Collecting samples on the river bank had been a breeze but identifying every microbe was going to be my nightmare.

I rubbed my hands together briskly and whispered, “Let’s take a look, shall we?”

The scene through the microscope was oddly like an aerial photo of a traffic jam. Lifting my face, I decide to treat it, just as I viewed it. Each tiny element of life would be a vehicle. YES!  I can do this. I’ll organize a parking lot of sorts and be able to identify each make and model as I go.

As the clock clicked twelve, I was no longer a life-sized being and was frantically twirling in a scene only Isaac Asimov could describe.  My tiny car lot had only one “SUV” left to park safely in my ordered “garage”. It was not at all familiar and my eyes strained to get a better look.

Then the door to the SUV sprang open and out popped a little man who looked just like Dr. Grimm. He waved to me and spoke.

“Well, are you going to turn this in or is this where you’re spending Spring Break?”


I must have shouted out loud because Dr. Grimm was standing beside me repeating the phrase when I lifted my head.

“Oh, yes professor, I’m finished.”

I cringed at that word finished as I said it. In a few days, I’d learn whether I was finished or not.

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