Awards and Friends

                     Thank-you Teresa from for these awards!!!

I’ve made many great friends in the blogosphere and I’d like to share my awards with 3 of my favorites.

These bloggers are worth a look…Humor~Beauty~Wisdom is waiting for you there!

You don’t have to do anything with these awards my friends but pass them on if you have some bloggers you’d love to share with us.

The 7×7 award requires a secret about yourself. ( I am going to be a grandma again this September. Oh boy or girl! New material!)

The A-B-C Award requires comments about yourself alphabetically.

  • A ~Amphibian lover
  • B- Big NY Giants fan
  • C- Can’t wait for vacation.
  • D- Does everything at top speed. Rush, rush rush…
  • E-Eventually will stop playing with kids…NOT!
  • F-Friends have made me happy…bloggers are special people 🙂


The Versatile  Blogger requires anything that I want to mention.

Springtime is one of my four favorite seasons!

There you go. Thank-you Theresa for the honor and friendship!

2 thoughts on “Awards and Friends

  1. Thank you for the nod, Susan! And congratulations on the prospect of becoming a grandma again! We just received a visit from two of our grandchildren this weekend and they kept us busy and laughing the whole time.

    1. I just reblogged your Mum’s Art Exhibit post…I can’t get it out of my mind, nor do I want to.
      Aren’t kids grand? Funny small folks enjoyed best when you can send them home. 🙂

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