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  1. Thank you, Susan, for those kind words. Whenever I share this story about my mother I always hope that it will inspire others in a similar situation to keep trying and never give up. Mum had a sign taped to a wall in her room that said, in large letters, “JUST DO IT” and she certainly stood by that motto right up until the end of her 96years.

    1. Those works of art deserve to be shared. I’d love one on my wall…if you set up a site on Redbubble.com you’d be doing the world a favor. Let me know if you post them “for sale”…I want to get in line!

  2. I haven’t seen paintings that I’ve loved so much in a long time. Sometimes I wonder what I might do if I didn’t have writing or knitting to occupy me. Now I know–I can paint! Thanks for sharing these precious paintings.

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