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No Reason for Raisins

“No reason for raisins.”

The old woman said.

“Try a carrot, some celery

Or toast up some bread.”

I wanted to tell her

That bread wasn’t sweet,

I was craving a something

Delightful to eat.

“This isn’t good, lady.

Seems pretty lame.

Those kind of treats

Make snacking a shame.”

 She handed me floss,

A toothbrush and then,

Said, “No reason for raisins.”

All over again.

I Googled that treat.

Found interesting news.

Raisins are just like

The gumdrops we choose.

Oh yes, they are natural,

Have vitamin C,

Why was this lady

Torturing me?

Seems raisins are sticky,

Can make your teeth rot.

Just like a gumdrop,

Believe it or not.

I needed to thank her

Knocked on her front door.

“I won’t ask for raisins

For snacks anymore.”

Her wisdom was helpful.

She was merely concerned,

Just sharing from life

What  she’d already learned.

“They once were my favorite.

Really good taste.

But giving up teeth,

Was a horrible waste.”

“No reason for raisins.”

This now is my boast.

My next snack time choice,

Will be carrots or toast!


PS. Raisins are far better for a child than gumdrops. I enjoyed the sound of “No Reason for Raisins” for a poem. At the same time, wanted to remind caregivers of the “sticky treat” hazard.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

8 thoughts on “No Reason for Raisins

    1. Thanks Charles…I’ve added a disclaimer for raisin lovers since your visit. I just liked the phrase,”No Reason for Raisins”. So Sue me…wait I’m Sue and silly too!

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