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A funny thing happened…I was engaged.

Are you one of those people who “engages” others? You know, eyes forward and making contact with those folks who have their eyes up.

That’s a marvelous way to have fun and ,of course, learn.

After my early morning blogging fun, I went to the grocery store. Living in a small city, I recognize many people and come to feel that I know them. My first sight was a young man soliciting credit card applications for his bank. He was standing at the entrance. I shouted out to him,”Selling cookies?” When I reached him. We shared a laugh and he followed me into the store. As we walked in, I offered him an “opening line” that might be useful in engaging the next person.

“Did you know that it is International Women’s Day? That is a tidbit that you could use when opening a conversation with customers.”

He said,” Wow, I didn’t know that. Thanks.”

The lady walking in behind us joined in. “I just found out about the event from an email this morning. My friend in Europe told me. It’s a BIG deal over there.”

Then the lady and I shared our dismay that the interest seemed low in the US and went about our shopping.

This happens often with me. Rarely, is “running to the store” uneventful or boring. I cannot seem to walk around without engaging people. There is a line between engaging and stalking though. A brief exchange is all anyone wants or has time for. I’ve had just a few instances where an especially lonely soul wanted to come to dinner! Thankfully, those are rare and an engaging person gets a sense about who to talk to after a while.

My point is all about taking an active interest in people and your day. It’s fun and makes for a fellowship in your community. I like friendly people.


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

11 thoughts on “A funny thing happened…I was engaged.

  1. Ha, I thought this was going to be a an unrequited love tale!
    This grocery store can almost be a social event…however there are times when I’d love to slip in and out; almost never happens. Funny thing is there is someone I know that I always run into at the store…varying days and times, still I see her almost every time; and I live in a large city with lots of groceries.

    1. I hooked you…Ha!
      You are so right about slipping in and out. I’m always in a rush too! Can’t resist engaging, though, so I am a “faster than average” shopper. You might say it is a superpower. That leaves time for small engagements 😉
      Nice to have you stop in…

  2. Which is why, on principle, I refuse to use the automated check-out at the grocery store. I would much rather say “Good morning” to a cashier!

  3. Yep, my youngest daughter often complained that I would just talk to anyone, whether I knew them or not, as well. One more little thing you and I have in common. LoL

    Have a happy time changing weekend.

    1. Thanks Helen…are you sure we weren’t twins separated at birth? lol
      As for the time change, it means more camping hours. Instead of a Saturday/Sunday affair, we will have enough daylight to make going up on Friday evening worth while.
      ❤ I'm looking forward to a computer free weekend!

  4. I’m an engaging person too, but, unfortunately, I don’t get myself out in the public enough–gotta work on that…….

  5. When I’m leaving my workout, there are always people coming in without smiles on their faces. A cheery HI! or Good Morning! is all that’s needed to put a smile on their face. I love doing it… I hope it gives them a lift, and it makes me feel good too. I’m more shy than outgoing, so it’s something I’m working on. You make some very good points!

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