Making Memories on the Computer

In 2007, I sat down at a computer for the first time. With very little experience, I embarked on an enlightening and creative journey that changed my life. I didn’t even know how to press “enter” to skip to the next line of text but was determined to learn about this contraption.

I started in MySpace and became familiar with methods like “copy and paste”. I learned that a right-click on the mouse offered options and sampled them. Soon I was browsing sites and looking for ideas. I found Yahoo Answers and asked very ridiculously basic questions that most folks politely answered. One was, “How does one make those short films with titles?”. It was there that I was told about “Movie Maker” within my own computer.
I played for many “all nighters” and learned tricks that I could apply to other computer uses. I found sites like ONETRUEMEDIA where I was coached in basic film making. If you’ve never tried it, I know you’ll like it.

Armed with a Kodak digital camera, I made my first film on my movie maker.

My First Film

(After following this link, you are welcome to sample other keepsake films made by grandma/sillyfrog.)
Talk about perfect timing! I had a two-year old granddaughter who went on to star in my films. My beloved pet, Ollie, shares that stage.
My daughter has announced that I will become a grandma for the second time near Katherine’s 7th birthday. Wow, there will be another star for my films!

2 thoughts on “Making Memories on the Computer

  1. I like all of the information that you shared. Hopefully, that will help make things easier for others who may just be getting started online, and blogging.

    You first video movie was pretty good for the first time, my friend.

    Hugz, (*_*)

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