Sissies are made, not born.

When placing a new status update on my FB page, I often touch on subjects of interest that I feel the need to expand upon. My status today reads:

There’s something about a kid having a panic attack over their peas touching their potatoes on a plate, or their fingers getting dirty etc., that makes me crazy! It seems such a small problem in a world where people starve. Let’s not raise a weak, self-centered generation.

Even my own granddaughter is subject to peculiar demands for special eating utensils or the removal of something from a plate of food with disgust. Some may think this is cute or well-mannered behavior. I think it is nuts.

If we consider all of the real problems that life may send their way, it IS nuts.
As far as germs go, the whole nation has become obsessive compulsive on that issue. Our immune systems need exposure to germs in order to become strong. I still recommend washing our hands after visiting the bathroom and ,as always, not have sex with any one without protection. (Try it with a lifetime partner, only, for the best safety.)

Over sanitizing our lives may create a generation incapable of survival in the event of natural disaster alone.
For a long time, schools were teaching skills that were necessary for a well-rounded life. Learning how to make a meal from scratch,or sew on a button,or sterilize water for drinking, might be great additions to the modern curriculum. How ’bout starting a campfire without matches? The way things are going only boy and girl scouts may be prepared. Heaven forbid our kids were lost, without a can opener, in a time of crisis.
The ,seemingly insignificant, cute, leaning of kids not to get dirty or refuse to eat anything that is not name-brand should be a wake-up call. Sissies are made, not born.

The most important tool we ultimately have is good sense.

5 thoughts on “Sissies are made, not born.

  1. I absolutely agree, 110 %. People have been brainwashed by the medical profession and by other nut jobs. We are made of the dust of the ground, and there are good as well as bad bacteria. Even the FDA has gotten into the act of making people afraid of their own shadow. Milk has been used for thousands of years without being pasteurized, and people were healthier drinking it that way. Same goes for most other whole food products. Just as alpha hunting animals go after the weak and old prey animals, insects also go for weakened plants that are not strong. You nailed it my friend.

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