Safety Bees or Worst case scenario…

In the winter, often I find myself just hanging around with the school aged kids while waiting for parents. They like nothing more than talking with me and so I often quiz them. One thing that we cannot take too lightly are the rules for safety.  I offer a “worst case scenario” and they tell me how to get out of it.  Forewarned is forearmed you know.

I think of all the crazy implausible scenarios, that I can, while tending to my daily chores. Then, I spring them on the kids when there is a lull in our energy!

Everyone loves to feel smart or Jeopardy wouldn’t have lasted all these years on TV. Kids are no exception. Practicing safety while playing, is a win/win scenario in itself. Sometimes the kids come up with their own situations and we solve them together. The wiser they become, the safer they are in this world of unknown dangers.  We also have other quiz themes such as, “Can you remember?” or “Let’s talk about Nature” but the interest is the same. Kids need to know what their adults think on all kind of issues. Those that they trust have a responsibility to tell them what is “proper” so they can develop values. I cannot over emphasize the value of talking WITH kids. Quizzes make them feel involved rather than lectured.

4 thoughts on “Safety Bees or Worst case scenario…

  1. Adrien 02/19/2012 / 12:37 pm

    When my 12 year old downloaded this picture to view he laughed and exclaimed, “Check out the girl sitting on the sofa and her feet! She has like a really long second toe!”

    • William 10/13/2021 / 1:30 pm

      I was looking at the girl’s toes and noticed the same thing. Her second toe really sticks out there! She is a cute girl.

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