The Wee World

Welcome to the Wee World.

A place I love to find.

Won’t see it if you’re busy.

You need a patient  mind.

Walk about the forest.

Searching up and down.

Believe in small surprises.

I promise they’re around.

Step easy and be quiet.

Take a slower pace.

You must be an explorer

 To search a hidden space.

Many never find things

Because they never look.

It may take several chances

  All worth the time it took .

So much in Nature’s hidden

From those who never seek.

The Wee World isn’t make-believe

Don’t be afraid to peek.

Make time to walk in forests

Or outdoors in your town.

The world of tiny wee things

Isn’t meant to stay unfound.

5 thoughts on “The Wee World

    • sillyfrogsusan 02/10/2012 / 3:07 pm

      yes, i am…i feel they are fair but not exceptional.

  1. Helen Dawson/PK Hawk 02/10/2012 / 9:14 am

    Hey Susan, I am changing my e-mail address. Too many spam messages on the old one.

  2. Joan Marion 02/10/2012 / 9:28 am

    Susan-Good as usual-I am no longer amazed at your talent-Now I expect it. You have found your niche in the writing world! Shel Silverstein has nothing on you-two peas in a pod -illustrations too!

    • sillyfrogsusan 02/10/2012 / 3:10 pm

      I am very flattered but not convinced my work is THAT exceptional. This is for Katherine first…other stuff is a bonus!

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