The Situation

Brenda straighten her posture and said it again, “Get ready. Put on your boots. Your Mom will be here soon.”

The darling six-year-old granddaughter, who used to blow kisses to her from every corner, folded her arms and stamped her foot indignantly.

In a momentary loss of focus, Brenda picked up the boots and set them at Ginny’s feet and said,”NOW!”

She was answered by a double stomp.

“Now what?” she thought . She already realized that she had lost  control to the child who had managed to have her boots, found and delivered. Her thoughts continued. “If I physically force them on her, she’ll still be in control?”

“I am putting on the timer. You have 5 minutes to get dressed to leave. When you are dressed, would you show me your school papers. Have you done more paintings?”

The child relaxed. “Yes, we are using blue because it is B week. I’ll get it.”

“Whoa! Get dressed first, you only have 4 minutes left. We’ll have plenty of time if you hurry.”

The child raced for her jacket. She paused and asked Grandma to find her gloves. Brenda answered,”You must have them in your sleeve. That’s where we decided they should be kept. I’ll be here waiting when you are ready.”

Moments later…

“Wow! Record time! Were your gloves in your sleeve?” Brenda smiled but still kept out of the getting dressed process.

“No, I put them on the floor. One was under my backpack.” Ginny admitted.

Brenda added,” No way? Next time when they are right in your sleeve , you’ll be even faster. I’m waiting to see your blue painting.What a good artist you are.”


This was inspired by my own on- going education in dealing with my granddaughter. The names were  changed to protect the stupid.

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