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The Stocked-up Feeling

The roads are a little slick today and snow continues to sugar-coat the area.

When you live in New England, traveling at all in the winter is not a guarantee. This winter has been very easy on us. The series of alternating freezing and balmy temps have kept accumulating snow at bay. (I am worried about my perennial flowers though. Snow cover is much better for them.) Anyway, there is a feeling that most New England dwellers may identify with. I call it the “stocked-up feeling”.

This morning my husband dropped me at the supermarket as he ran banking errands. The slippery travel awakens a survival instinct to stock up just in case the weather worsens and you are housebound. Intellectually, I know we have provisions that could keep us easily for a month in our freezer but stocking the refrigerator and making sure pet food and toilet paper is abundant, makes me feel safe and cozy. There’s nothing quite as cozy as knowing you have enough coffee for a year.

So as I sit here at my keyboard, I am at peace…there’s bulk hamburger in my frig and 200 more q-tips in my bathroom. Mother nature can bring it on!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

4 thoughts on “The Stocked-up Feeling

  1. Price Chopper capitalizes on that. We call the weatherman, and ask him to forecast snow when we need to increase our sales for the week.

  2. I don’t usually consider how much the weather has to do with sales…thanks for that reminder…btw I have plenty of Q-tips in case you run short. 🙂

  3. Been there ,done that. I do that every year when the leaves start to fall. . It has been difficult for me when I had to go against nature and use up all my larder ’cause I intended to spend the winter in the southland.

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