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Procrastination Station

I consider myself as the person who put the “pro” in procrastination.

I’ve read about habitual procrastinators…as usual, it is blamed on the parents. I disagree.

I do agree with the assertion  that procrastinators are “made” not “born” but I feel that the deciding factor is the person’s internal dialog. As I am a strong proponent of nature over nurture…my mother is off of the hook 🙂 .

I believe we who procrastinate are “Hyper” sensitive to making a decision that is “wrong”. Making NO decision is easier than making the “wrong” one. As our lives progress, the “waiting” has fallen into our favor often enough to be worth the continuing of that pattern.

After all, doing things immediately can leave a person wishing that they had considered more options. Paying your whole insurance premium can have you waiting on rebates that are as slow as “molasses in January”. Doing your Christmas shopping ahead of time causes people to “over buy” and “over spend” . Last moment sales can be great! Those who finish their shopping in September, literally pay for their relaxation in December.

I am writing this blog as I procrastinate the chores of my day. How cool is that? Bet you I’ll make it!

There has always been a part of me that needs to test deadlines…I used to run down to the Jr. High ball field during the 2 1/2 minutes allowed for changing classes. I got back just as the second bell rang every time! (What were the consequences anyway? I was a good kid and used that reputation for limit pushing!)

What I have learned in life is, almost every deadline has an extension and every delay has a potential reward.

So here’s to procrastination, the force of challenge and relief from the mundane!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

4 thoughts on “Procrastination Station

  1. Procrastinating makes me nervous-I hate something hanging over my head. If I waited instead of doing things when originally scheduled then I would begin to dread doing whatever it was. Because I am lazy I do it on time to get it out of the way!
    Never have been a procrastinator-never will and I am telling you that right now.
    I used to do my term papers when they were assigned and then pretended to others in my class that I had not in order to fit in with those people who waited until the last minute.

    1. I know you are not a procrastinator…sometimes I wish that I wasn’t . Anxiety has become a familiar companion rather than a curse. To prevail against the odds is a rush. In between, I give myself permission to bury my head and relax. Nuts, huh?

  2. Great post, Susan! I am sometimes a procrastinator, but usually for very odd reasons. I worked in a profession where procrastination was fatal (job-wise, not literally) and so I think oftentimes, my procrastination is a rebellion of sorts. In things where ther are no consequences for it, I like to give it the ol’ nanner nanner and the bird. Know what I mean? Jeesh… I caan get to ramblin sometimes.

    Here, have a wow on me!

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