The Missing

It’s the missing that hurts.

You exist in so many hearts

That you are not gone.

It’s the missing that makes us cry.

Looking for you…

a presence remembered.

It’s the missing that has yet to sink in.

A glance, a snowy day,

A squeak of a toy.

Nose prints on my window.

A friendly face.

A warm hug.

A startle after dark.

The sadness in your Dad’s eyes

Makes me pause.

You are without pain…

It’s just the missing that hurts.


2 thoughts on “The Missing

  1. Bodhirose 12/28/2011 / 9:24 pm

    Yes, it’s we who are left behind that carry the pain of our missed loved one. Sweetly sad. So sorry for your loss…a beautiful dog.

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