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Homeless chptr 3

Do-gooders…people who know a better way for animals to live…

I woke up in a cage inside of the belly of a roaring monster. The last thing that I remember is the farmer’s daily offering of milk beside the milking parlor. It was strangely sweeter than I remembered it to be but with a belly full of vermin, I drank it right up. But now, my world was spinning and I felt very ill.

As I got my bearings, I realized that there were other cages which contained other cats, one of which was Missy. She looked so frightened and I was too far from her and separated by metal bars. I yowled in dismay which caused a violent shake of my cage and an increase in my nausea.

At the chance of seeming conceited, I must tell you that I am a magnificent blue-gray specimen. My eyes, the bright yellow color of the field corn kernels which used to pelt us from beneath the silo elevator, but my appearance paled to that of Missy’s. She was the most beautiful shade of golden brown with one distinct white patch between her eyes. She retained the stripes of our wild ancestors and could blend into any hay-field in the sun. We had grown up in the same barnyard born to different mothers. I have loved her as long as I remember. My heart ached as I watched her cower with helplessness and terror. I would not let her down. We were going to survive and we would be together!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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