Quite Enough

My glasses make my eyes too big.

Allergies aren’t fun.

My shoes are pinching me right now

Makes it hard to run.

My hair is snarly in the morn,

And I am way TOO small.

My Dad forgot to bring a treat,

I couldn’t help but bawl!

Then, I had one chance to think.

MY worries aren’t so bad.

I saw a kid without two feet.

Another had NO Dad.

My glasses help me see just right.

I am far from blind.

Sneezing sometimes can be fun.

I don’t really mind.

Being small works well for me.

It’s easier to hide.

I’ll bet you that  my “wheelchair” friend

Would rather walk than ride.

Silly me, made such a fuss

About such little stuff!

I don’t care much for crying now.

I have quite enough.

2 thoughts on “Quite Enough

  1. Donna 09/15/2011 / 7:58 pm

    Love this one. Great message.

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