Bartholomew Sparks

Bartholomew Sparks was afraid of sharks

Never ventured into the sea.

He conquered that fear by staying right here

Oh how clever was he!

Bartholomew found that he feared dry ground

There are mummies buried real deep.

He ran every where with no time to spare

And tried not to make one peep.

At night in his bed, he covered his head

For the monsters dwelt below.

One day he stayed in, covered up to his chin

And found there was no place to go.

Bartholomew cried, “It’s lonely to hide,

I won’t leave myself out any more.”

He stood up real straight and accepted his fate

Then walked right out his door.

Things still make him jump but he climbed that hump

Bartholomew now worries much less

How silly was he to fear the big sea

Now all he avoids is Lock Ness.

2 thoughts on “Bartholomew Sparks

    • sillyfrogsusan 09/02/2011 / 10:46 am

      Thanks…I was thinking of the first day of school jitters!

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