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Safety and Caring

It’s a wonder how some people make it to old age with their reckless behavior.

I come from a long line…a safety conscious family. I find myself warning my “kids” constantly of possible danger. During the infamous October 4th snowstorm, my mom called me. She had thought about the danger of my chain link fence becoming electrified if a downed power line touched it. That remained on my mind since and I told my daughter about it during hurricane Irene.

My grandfather rode with me shortly after I had received my driver’s license. I still remember his comment about my driving being very good. “You stay near the center line. That’s good. It keeps the other drivers on their own side and gives you room to get out-of-the-way if needed.”

When Katherine started riding her 4-wheeler, we told her what to do IF her brakes failed. The advice was; “Run into a tree, ditch, car or building as quickly as you can before your quad picks up speed.” The worst case scenario is always not knowing what to do in a bad case scenario.

When I used to go to day care meetings, after dark, I’d ask another person to walk with me to my car. There was no lighting in that parking lot and it was in the middle of downtown. I was teased a few times for asking but I was safe and teasing is NOT a reason to let your guard down. I hope the folks who teased me are still OK. They really did not have good sense.

I have mentioned before that I have “safety bees” with all my kids. They love it. Next time that you get together with a group of kids, try throwing out some worst case scenarios and see how they might handle them. Fore warned IS forearmed!


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

4 thoughts on “Safety and Caring

  1. Wonderfully written. Safety First is a policy is certainly worth the time and effort, as well as the expense. Look before you leap. It’s better to be a live chicken than a dead duck. All good things to keep in mind, I always say.

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