Looking for Tiny Moments

I enjoy the little things.

Having a camera with a macro setting gives me a view like no other. I’ve looked into the eyes of creatures I never would have noticed. What a busy world there is with the tinies!

I used to imagine what was going on in other cities and countries. Now, I look beneath my feet to a world with just as much danger and excitement.

Spider webs spring up over night. Rotten apples are consumed. Struggles for survival as vicious as those of lions on the Serengeti, all take place almost out of sight.

I could watch the world in macroland all day long!

5 thoughts on “Looking for Tiny Moments

  1. I too take great interest in the world of insects and other tiny creatures. What kind of camera do you have. I really do need to get a newer one myself. My camera is good, but it doesn’t have a macro setting on it.

    1. I have never gotten better macro shots than with my old Kodak digital camera…the one that I use now, and that took the photos above, is a Canon S5 IS…it takes great short films too. The Kodak took awful films. 🙂

      1. Thanks, I used to have a Kodak digital, but that was back in about ’99 or maybe 2000. I now have a Fujifilm FinePix, but it’s now about 8 or 9 years old. It still does fine, but I need one with more MPs, as mine is only 4 MP, and when I really have to choose one thing in a photo to crop, such as a face shot, sometimes is doesn’t have the right resolution for my application. It took forever to get my photo onto Helium.com, as the resolution had to be redone for it to even be loaded. But, come to think of it, that shot was not taken with that camera. That was taken with my computer’s camera. I guess it’s all a wash, LOL

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