I Double Doubt it!

If your friend says she’s an astronaut

Has been to outer space,

If your cousin ate NO cookies

yet has chocolate on his face.

If things just seem peculiar

And you don’t know what to do?

I’d say,”I double doubt it.”, if I were you.


A neighbor may pretend to know

The way things ought to be.

Your Mom describes the dinner fish

As chicken from the sea.

If things seem quite extraordinary

As well as, far from true,

I’d say,”I double doubt it.”, if I were you.


Pegasus and Dumbo can fly

In make-believe.

Magicians often have some tricks

Hidden up their sleeve.

If someone says, “Jump off this bridge

and I will follow too.”

I’d say, “I double doubt it,

Now, after you!”

6 thoughts on “I Double Doubt it!

  1. love your poetry….life’s lessons….creative photos…..I’ve added Silly frog Susan to my “favorites” and now have more summer reading to catch up with …thanks so much for sharing your talents …
    Kathy Webber

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