A Peanut Butter Promise

There’s a very special flavor

Of the easiest kind of chore.

My family used it on the day

We bought him at the store.

Our puppy was the wiggle kind

We named him Barney Fife.

 Made a peanut butter promise

To keep him safe for life.

Peanut butter really sticks

And so did all our deeds.

We made a pact for good or bad,

To meet our Barney’s needs.

I’ve heard about the “comes” and “goes”

Of pets who fall from grace.

Messy feet and doggie hair

or chewing up the place.

Whatever happens, I’ll stand tall

And love him ever more.

‘Cuz we made a peanut butter promise

When we bought him at the store.

6 thoughts on “A Peanut Butter Promise

  1. Joanie

    Ohhhhh I’d like to start referring to all my promises as peanuts butter promises from now on. You know, cuz they stick.

    And I love peanut butter.

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