My Stubborn Shoes

I had a disagreement with my shoes today.

I wanted to go out but they decided to stay.

I forced them on and they started to pinch.

We are both very stubborn, won’t give in one inch!

I stomped and tapped along the wood floor.

My shoes still refused to go out of my door!

“Listen”,I said. “I’m the boss of my toes!”

“You are just merely my foot’s kind of clothes!”

It was raining and then I realized my crime.

Puddles awaited. I stomped ALL the time.

It was a stalemate ’til I thought up a game.

You are welcome to use it if your shoes act the same.

I knew they just wanted to keep my feet dry.

“I’ll jump over all puddles, if you will comply.”

My old shoes relaxed, how they hate those rain washes.

But I’d had enough and put on my galoshes!

2 thoughts on “My Stubborn Shoes

  1. lifengaged 08/16/2011 / 9:41 am

    You have a good start to your collection of children’s poems-adults like them too!

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