Your Super Bowl moment…

Sports metaphors are my favorites. In my opinion, American football is the best sport! We can tackle a problem or punt. We can choose a good offense or a stiff defense in our approach to life and the idea of penalties for fouls (especially personal ones) speaks for itself.

Each of us have moments of which we are most proud. I call these my Super Bowl moments. A Super Bowl moment is defined by a daunting task that we take on and, against the odds, prevail. You know, like the New york Giants handing the New England Patriots their heads a few years ago 🙂 (I am a Giants fan!)

One of my Super Bowl moments came after my grandfather’s death. I wanted to speak grand words on his behalf, as well as, the behalf of my grandmother and mother. As it happened, I was on a summer retreat to our forest camp. I spent many tearful hours composing a memorial statement in the form of a poem. Finally, I found the right words. The only thing left was to find the calm and courage to recite it at the funeral. Talk about getting mentally prepared…I kept telling myself that this would be my personal Super Bowl moment and crying was NOT an option. The day came and when the pastor asked, “Does anyone want to speak?”, I stood up promptly and delivered a message that made everyone proud. I was even approached by the attendants from the funeral parlor who thought that I had done very well to memorialize a loved one. (Heck, they see so many services I was flattered!)

(I will add a copy of the poem to this post. I don’t have it handy.}

My goal is to remind my readers of their Super Bowl moments…I’d like to hear them. I expect to win another “ring” in my future. I’m sure I’ll know when the “game” is ON!

4 thoughts on “Your Super Bowl moment…

  1. charlesmashburn 07/27/2011 / 9:03 am

    You are good! I love reading these things you write! And, just so you know, I don’t subscribe to many blogs–not enough time to read them all and comment–but yours is on the list!

    • sillyfrogsusan 07/27/2011 / 9:12 am

      If you knew how my heart fluttered when I read your comment, you’d be walking on air with me! I appreciate your attention and humbled by your praise 🙂

  2. lifengaged 07/27/2011 / 9:26 am

    You’re on my list too. I guess that you were my Super Bowl Moment! As far as the blogging world, I’ll try for the same measure of success-If at first you don’t succeed try ,try again.

    • sillyfrogsusan 07/27/2011 / 9:32 am

      I am able to correct errors from my end…no worries 🙂
      I don’t believe my feet will touch the ground at all today! Thanks Mom!

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