Plinky Prompts

Any one who has read my blog has noticed that some entries are labeled “Plinky”. I recommend joining Plinky @ Plinky. com. It is a place where I’ve made friends with other writers and an inspiration for blog posts.

I do not respond to every prompt BUT they sometimes inspire a topic for a new direction on my blog. I learn more about myself when I discuss a topic, as well as, others getting a glimpse of me that they may have never seen.

In my opinion, the best blogs are written primarily for the author’s own reflection.If we writers trouble ourselves about what others will think, the purity and fun is lost.

I also recommend writing buddies. I have a few people who follow my entries and give me critical feedback when needed but moreover support. If you read someone’s blog, I hope you take a brief moment for a comment.You can just add a smiley face to let them know others are watching.

The primary critic is the author but a little encouragement never hurts. I’m off to answer a great prompt on Plinky…hope you check it out :-).

PS: Always tag your entries with many words that describe it…the readership will widen faster!

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