Unknown Worthy Charities and Organizations

I have compiled a list of little known worthy charities:

Politicians Without Partners – this organization will bring the growing group of politicians who have alienated their spouses with immoral  sexual behavior, together. It can be lonely out there! Open your wallets and hearts and join us.” If you are going to cheat, do it with those who really know.”

Potty Mouth Patrol– enrollment will consist of the few people who never learned how to swear properly. First field trip will be a “ride along” on the elementary school bus this September. From there, we will end up at the teachers’ lounge and more first hand  study.

Remotely Possible– a sad collection of folks who freeze  and freak out when their TV remote is misplaced. Their motto is: “Who the heck had it last!” These people need to learn that manual controls exist and how to use them. They have become ever more common since the ability to restart a program became available. Their rants do not affect the ability to start over therefore the ranting has no consequences. Please help these wretches use their complaining for the greater good!


There are a few new organizations you should know about as well.

Seriously Uninformed People aka S’UP

Mailcarriers Against Urban Leash Laws aka  MAUL

Librarians Against Time Extensions For Every Excuse aka LATE FEE

Every God Boy Deserves Fudge aka EGBDF (find them online only)

Beer Aids Real Futures aka BARF

And a true silent majority~ Manatees Unable to Text Easily aka MUTE

Huskies United for Mating in Public aka HUMP

Cannibal Helpers/ Everyone Welcome aka CHEW

People Out Of Patience aka POOP  or Some Homeless  In Town…

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