Murphy’s Law all Weekend

I had a wonderful weekend once I decided that forgetting my camera would not bother me. The weather was perfect according to my own standards. I read a little, gardened a little and saw the largest number of photo opportunities in ages!

When I said that I decided not to be bothered by my camera “sleeping at home” this weekend, I mean it. After the first churn of my stomach, I brushed myself off and enjoyed myself. A tiny corner of my brain had a spasm when the first opportunity to get a photo of a Gray Tree Frog, in over ten years, came just after dark on Friday evening. Of course I also found my first red eft of this season immediately upon arrival but that would be OK. The summer has yet to arrive. Many hours of photo fun lie ahead. Katherine had a face full of toasted marshmallow and birds and dragonflies were landing within arms reach. Nature taunted me and I survived.

I’m pleased with my ability to “change my mind” about a situation. Being flexible is the best way to be happy.

My decision to leave the gray tree frog to sing in the tree rather than capture him for a one week trip to North Adams was a great one. I could only imagine how unhappy he would have been and my goal of seeing more tree frogs could have been damaged had he not romanced the night in the wild. Ellen and Kat got to experience this rare phenomenon and this was the best treasure of all. Wish you’d been there…

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