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What are friends for?

My good friend Jordan came by the other day. He’s a former daycare “baby” who I took in at a few weeks old. He is my best friend in many ways. We just plain have the same interests and view the world from the same “window”.

Ideas and artwork are intricate parts of our compatibility. Agreeing with each other is not at all necessary to the subjects we discuss. At one time, I was the “teacher”. Now we explore our interests by learning from each other. Politics, biology, books, movies…you name it, we have opinions and enjoy sharing them.

There is no generational gap present. I find this intriguing. There are no stops for the male/female sides of arguments. They do not exist.

I considered for years that my influence would fade away as he “moved on” to manhood. Never did I “hang on” or worry about the event. Now he’s in college. Although he asked, I did not write him letters during his first semester.(I wanted him to fly solo.)  Then, at winter break, he asked me to write and I did. I know it pleased him .

One of the most fulfilling accomplishments of my day care career has been being his mentor. We didn’t choose each other. My life has been enriched as much as his. It just “is”.

I’m not his mom…I’m not his girlfriend…I’m not his sister…I’m his Susan and HE is my Jordan. My first book will definitely have characters mirrored after this friendship because it is one I had never witnessed before and one that must exist in some other lucky folks lives. It’s been likened to the “Tuesdays with Morrie” friendship but even THAT was more one sided.

I’m not bragging. I’m not ashamed. I’m just plain glad he is my friend…


I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

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