My Most Quotable Movies

I could go ON and On…


Jurassic Park


“Then there you have it. Life finds a way.”

“Scientists were so concerned with whether they COULD they never considered whether they SHOULD.”

“I guess we’ll have to evolve.”

“Will THAT be on the tour?”

” If the Pirates of the Caribbean breaks down they don’t eat the visitors.”

“Is it heavy?… Then it’s expensive. Put it down.”

“I’m always looking for the next ex-Mrs. Malcolm.”

“Clever girl…”

“No wonder your kind is extinct. When I come back down I’m going to run you over.”

“Well, we’re back in the car again.”

“The only one on my side is the blood-sucking lawyer.”

“When she looks at you, you can tell she’s working things out.”

Chaos Theory…

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