Diversity 101

Katherine age 5

Katherine surprised me again. Since I have been listening to kids for many years, I was accidentally privileged to notice how accepting she has become. We hope kids learn these lessons but realizing they have  “it” is a real delight.

A former blog of mine is about an imaginary island of creatures called Averflatties. Kat and I made them up. One of the details that she added was,” Averflatties put sprinkle cheese on worms for dinner. This is gross to us but not to Averflatties.”

Wow! Has my “girlfriend” learned about diversity already?

This morning, Kat was handed a hot chocolate. I asked her to test it to see if was too hot. Her answer was,” It’s just right to me, Grandma.”

“To me” was the eye opener. She must realize that others have differing opinions. There are some adults that I know who haven’t entertained this principle. I’m so proud of her once again!

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