Survivors’ Code

To add to my ongoing discussion of rule breaking, I thought I’d make another point. This blog is intended to be a record of thoughts preserved for my granddaughter. I feel the need to make it perfectly clear that occasional rule breaking may be necessary but habitual rule breaking is not what I recommend.

It has been studied that women are more resistant to the breaking of rules. The reason for this would require another post. An example of this follows:

You are carrying a tray of food to your seat in a food court. Someone snatches a valuable from you and runs. There is only a moment to catch them and recover your possession.

  • Women are much more apt to waste time looking for a place to set their tray.
  • Men will more often drop the tray and grab the thief.

Assuming that the item was more valuable than the risk  of injury needed to recover it, these results are startling.

I have always feared that the “good girl” might be her own enemy in a crisis. I feel the need to “try on” options before I am confronted with an emergency.

My mother and father were driving home in separate cars. They got into a playful game of “beat you there”. Upon reaching an island in the road, Dad swerved on the opposite side and took the lead. Mom was horrified. I witnessed it and realized that Dad had broken a traffic rule BUT there was a clear view and no danger of a collision. The worst that would have happened was a ticket for this unlawful maneuver. I stored that away. It had never occurred to me that traffic laws COULD be broken without danger.

A few years ago my alternator was failing and my car was running out of “juice”. I had to get home quickly or would be stranded with towing etc. There was no way I could wait for a stoplight. The lesson of the afore-mentioned traffic infraction came to mind and I exited an “enter only” area which was CLEARLY unused. This saved me a towing charge AND being stranded in the center of the highway which, in itself, may have been more dangerous.

One more example of personal safety versus the law. I may have mentioned this one before but it fits here nicely.

I was apt to go hunting and be alone in the woods from time to time. Most hunters are men. Most men can overpower most women. I told my husband that I was safe because I had a gun in hand. His answer has stuck with me as another lesson. “A gun is no good if you are unwilling to point it at someone and unable to shoot it at someone.” That was absolutely true…he knew me well enough to remind me to practice the worst case scenario before hand.

We all need to practice worst case scenarios or be caught off guard by an emergency. We need to realize that rules sometimes need to be broken to survive.

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