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Love ever after…

I called you this morning,

I’d been” out of touch”.

Seems I couldn’t reach you

“I love you, oh, so much!”


I thought of you this evening.

Why weren’t you around?

Seems I may have lost you,

I’ll check the “lost and found”.


I searched for you the other day

Then I realized

Seems you’re always with me

That is no surprise.


I need you beside me.

You’ll never fade away.

Seems just to know you love me too,

Puts warmth in every day.



I love a well told story. If it makes me laugh, all the better.

4 thoughts on “Love ever after…

  1. A very organic poem. :] It’s lovely when writing can be so simple in principle, but have so much more meaning to the poet that writes them.

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