Bird songs and Baby

Seems as though the cardinals in our area have not looked out their windows. We have a predicted snow storm that will put the accumulated snow in my front yard above my 4′ fence!

I mention the cardinals because I have noticed, for the third year, their “spring song” has begun. Two years ago, it began on January 25th. At least, that was the first day that I noticed it. Last year, I heard it on January 26th and this year on the 26th also. It pleases me to be so “in tune”.

Many birds have more than one song. One for the courting season, and one they are identified with. Seems Katherine has been listening. Her Mom was puzzled over what she thought was a new bird song last week. Katherine told her it was a Chickadee and when she asked me about it, she was right. I didn’t really pay attention to such things until I was an adult. It “tickles” me to know she is listening 🙂

One thought on “Bird songs and Baby

  1. birds song seem cute 2 me,
    hope you well….

    Welcome Join Jingle Poetry Potluck week 21,
    Feel free to share 1 to 3 old poems or random poems, cheers.

    Love your talent demonstrated here,
    Hope to see you share.

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