Facinating as we are…

When I point out differing opinions, it is never meant as a criticism. In fact, I find the emotional lives of people fascinating!

Yes, if we didn’t like the way we related to the world individually, we would change. Changing people is not my mission nor would it be possible. I wish everyone to step back and appreciate our differences. It is impossible to have patience with others if we don’t recognize that differences are real and not right or wrong.

Who knows what makes us tick?

The people who I feel are most similar to myself are not the ones I necessarily love the most. If I am remembered for one saying (probably said by others many times) ,”What we love most about others is usually what we dislike most about them.”


I am not terribly interested in the order of things. This makes me spontaneous, creative and fun for kids.

Being disorganized affects my paperwork and housekeeping.

Everyone has there own priorities and no one is perfect.

We all strive for perfection but value different aspects of our day.

The hard part comes along when we measure others by our own standards. We all have areas that need work and you could never convince me that being organized is a bad thing. I wake up in the night wishing to become more organized! As day dawns, I can not help but stack dishes and put off paperwork in favor of “playing with my kids”. It IS my job to make sure their days are happy and productive. Some might put them in a row on the couch with TV and snacks and organize away…what I strive for is a happy medium.

This post is my way of talking, out loud, to myself. You may comment away as I enjoy the thoughts of others!

2 thoughts on “Facinating as we are…

  1. The great thing about blogging is the “talking out loud” – without interference.

    Differences make the world go round, not money. Though that helps.

    As for me, imperfection’s my name, choas my game.

    Out of choas:creativity. Or, at least that’s the rational.

    I love to visit opposites – people who are organized – I can rest with them. Phew!

    I think kids must love you. You have the wit, spontaneity, and imagination to engage their interest and trust. 🙂

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