A difference in views…

I was shocked a few days ago. My husband who is a self-proclaimed “loner” asked me to find a different color work shirt for him. Seems someone had commented that he had been wearing green for some time.

Apparently the green shirts had been surfacing and were near the top. Oops! My “mountain man” cares what color his shirt is?

Wow! We are very different, indeed. If someone commented about my green shirt, I’d go to great lengths to keep wearing green! I don’t care what color I wear and I certainly don’t care what co-workers might say about my colors.

Seems like some people need a life.

Once, I was defending my son in a boisterous manner while in my own backyard. I am far from a scene maker and was not swearing. My husband asked me what might the neighbors think?( These have been great neighbors who had had their own moments with a drunkin’ family member. I held nothing against them. In fact, I thought they handled it well.)


I am proud to report that I am much more interested in my opinion of myself than what “others” think. I find it very hard to understand those who define themselves by the opinion of others.

2 thoughts on “A difference in views…

  1. That would be me. I always am aware of how I and my home appear to others. In fact I care what people think of my family and see the actions of my family (either positive-I beam when my children are complimented or negative if they would ,for instance use foul language–I would be embarrassed. Though I always consider any comments by my opinion of the people offering them.
    Their opinion of me is like a mirror-yes I often use them too.
    I am not defined by them but I am influenced. Case in point–“Do I look fat in this? “

    1. “Do you feel you look great in that?”
      I’ve worn things that I felt that I looked horrible in, just because others liked it…don’t like that trade off a bit.
      Yes, my reputation holds great value but my own pride in it comes first. There’s always someone who will criticize us and I’m a bit selfish enough not to waste my time on their opinion.I care only about the ideas of people that I admire…:-)

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