Zabby Eight Update 12/17/10

Zabby called Katherine on the play phone yesterday. Kat was happy to hear from her. Zabby was five strikes into her bowling tournament and she called to tell us how well that she was doing.

“Grandma, Zabby wants to tell you that she has five strikes!”

“Hello Zabby! This is Grandma. I’m so glad that you called to share your success with us. Katherine and I are very excited and we are cheering for you. Remember, even if you don’t get any more strikes, Katherine and I are so proud of you. We know you are trying your best.”

Katherine smiled while closing her eyes and hugging herself. She liked that message.


Ellen(Katherine’s Mom) just completed a very interesting paper about imaginary friends. It has only been deemed a positive thing for a child to have an imaginary world in recent years. The famed pediatrician, Dr. Brazzleton, thought a child should not be disturbed in their imaginary play. Ellen and I beg to differ. Katherine clearly knows real from imaginary. She practices scenarios about socialization and is thrilled to share them with us. Kids need to know what the adults in their life think about all sorts of issues. What better way to explore than in the imagination?

The sharing of virtues seems easy when we can interject them while playing. I’ve started encouraging imaginary friends with all my day care kids too. They love this idea and embrace the times that I can talk to them without seeming to lecture. It’s been a joy opening my eyes to this childhood ability and to document it for others.

3 thoughts on “Zabby Eight Update 12/17/10

  1. Katherine has way too much going for her to not be rational. She is creative just like you, and probably her mother as well. The three of you are wonderfully creative ladies, and have a lot to offer others in so many ways. Sure miss your happy face on Plinky, although I do often consider dropping off there myself.

    1. Dear Helen,
      I am the big sister by 5 years. After reading your newest blog post, wanted you to know how I have a treasured sister also. Thanks for your comments and as for Plinky, well, some of their prompts are no fun. Just got my computer back from a clean-up and now need to reinstall my connections. The Christmas season has me too busy to concentrate on computer stuff. I’ll be back in January with more regular posts.
      Best wishes and Happy New Year!
      So glad to have found you!

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